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5th Kartepe Cup International Tournament: Future Football Stars Shined

5th Kartepe Cup International Tournament

DMD Turizm Welcomed 32 Teams from 8 Countries for a Thrilling Football at Kocaeli Kartepe

The 5th Kartepe Cup International Youth Football Tournament, organized by DMD Turizm, unfolded in the heart of Kartepe, Turkey, from September 1st to 4th, 2023. This grand sporting event brought together 32 teams from 17 clubs, representing a total of 8 different countries.

In a showcase of young talent and international camaraderie, the tournament featured teams from 8 countries, including Romania, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Palestine, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, and Moldova.

The competition was fierce and thrilling, with 89 football matches played over the course of the tournament. The young athletes showcased their skills, determination, and passion, resulting in an impressive tally of 368 goals.

A total of 16 outstanding teams ranked highest in across 4 different categories, proudly hoisting their well-deserved trophies. Additionally, 5 teams earned Special Awards for their exceptional performances and sportsmanship.

Every young footballer who participated in this unforgettable event received a medal, symbolizing their contribution to the tournament. The awards ceremony was a spectacle of culture and celebration, as children from different countries brought their unique cheers and joy to the forefront, resonating with the true spirit of the tournament.

As we bid farewell to this memorable event, we invite you to stay tuned for more football adventures in the future. Join us at the 7th Antalya Cup International Football Tournament in May 2024, as we continue to nurture young talent and provide them with invaluable international match experience.

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