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Big Sign with Fenerbahce Infrastructure and DMD Sports Tourism Co.

DMD Sports Tourism Co. is speeding the sub-sonctruction Works at football and at this time signed special and important contract with Fenerbahçe Football Club.

There were Mr. Müjdat Yetkiner (Football infrastructure and scout director of Fenerbahçe FC), Mr.Serdar Alkın (Football infrastructure and youth development officer of Fenerbahçe FC), Mehmet Turu (DMD Sports Co.director)

The Company special additives to the football at all organizations, also national and international; DMD SPORTS CO. , Fenerbahçe scouts and Football teams will be at the tournaments.

Our Director Mehmet Turu said that after sign;

Firstly we’ve honored about this sign and thanks Mr.Yetkiner and Mr. Alkın and all trainers at Fenerbahçe, and congratulate them for their Works about infrastructure for football. There are lots of children can go up till national teams and our work is that for finding them mak good organizations at different cities and countries. National players like, Ahmet, Hasan, Ali is most valuable fort hat the time has come and went up. This sign is so important because the players with the teams will be playing more and more matches ,and will be growing faster. Becoming Professional this is the best way, and at the addition ı wish good luck to all teams and players”

Firstly at Cappadocia and the first at Turkey and will continue at our organizations we will say about later.

Don’t say that we’ve gone an organization if it is not DMD SPORTS TOURISM CO.’s organization.

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