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1.Cappadocia Cup Champions Removed Cup

1.Cappadocia Cup

1.CAPPADOCIA CUP has ended 27-29ST OF October at Cappadocia. At the finals there were really good games and the cups removed at the end of the games of 29st OCTOBER Final games to the owners.

At the tournament there were 59 matches totaly and 327 goals.

At the final U12 The match was between FENERBAHÇE – ANTALYASPOR teams . Normally time has ended 0-0, at the penalties 8-7 FENERBAHÇE won and now named the U12 Champion of 1.CAPPADOCIA CUP.

At the final of U11 ANTALYASPOR won 4-1 to the team HATAYSPOR and named the U11 Champion of 1.CAPPADOCIA CUP.

At the final of U10 1966 AKREP SPOR won 1-0 to the team HATAYSPOR and they are the owner of the cup 1.CAPPADOCIA CUP U11 Champion.

And the National Bairam for Turkey 29st OCTOBER celebrated there with the flags.

And the aim is national players to the leagues cause that making organizations company DMD SPORTS TOURISM also about culturel activities all players, guests they went around CAPPADOCIA.

1.Cappadocia Cup
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